Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Services

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As founders of the exclusive international Hybrid Shop® franchise, we are uniquely positioned to provide the most advanced Hybrid & Electric Vehicle services available anywhere. Owners of these vehicles know that they require specialized maintenance and repair in order to run efficiently and optimize their longevity. We provide:

  • Complete computer diagnostic tests. Our cutting-edge technology ensures fast and accurate diagnosis of issues.
  • New or used Hybrid Battery Installation
  • Electrical systems inspection. Every element of the system is carefully inspected to identify existing and potential future abnormalities.
  • Wire and cable check. Technicians thoroughly inspect all cable sheaths and wires for cuts and tears.
  • Tire analysis. Tires are inspected for proper pressure and potential wear patterns.  We also review your tire type to ensure you have the best, low-rolling resistance tire for maximum efficiency.
  • Complete vehicle inspection.  We look at every system – from conventional to hybrid-specific – and let you know what needs attention now and what may need attention down the road.
  • Hybrid-specific AC services

Learn more about the servicing of your hybrid or electric vehicle and our unique capabilities that you won’t find anywhere else.

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