Feed A Hero – an initiative which came to life soon after COVID-19 struck. The goal was to deliver 100 meals a day to healthcare facilities, fire stations, and police stations. All meals were provided by local restaurants as they have been one of the business highly affected by the pandemic. Feed A Hero not only helped support front of the line workers, but was able to pay businesses with the money raised for these meals, enabling restaurants to keep their staff employed.

Over the course of 30 days, the Feed A Hero campaign managed to raise over $34,000. These donations allowed the delivery of over 3,000 meals, meeting our final goal of 100 meals a day for 30 days. The full amount of $34,000 all went towards paying local restaurants whom partnered with us to provide the meals. The restaurants were able to keep their staff employed – and the healthcare heroes and first responders had one less thing to worry about during their days.


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