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Digital Vehicle Health Inspections. Just like taking your car to the doctor!

A complimentary “Health” inspection of every vehicle that we service is the cornerstone of our work. We get to know your car first so we can offer honest advice about repairs and maintenance so you can be confident about the health of your vehicle. Our technicians take photos, videos, and notes on a digital inspection form on tablets and then text or email it directly to you. Over 50 items are reviewed and then prioritized based on safety, maintenance and what is running beautifully. You see everything they see and removes the guess work and mystery out of auto care! You receive all the information to enable you to make the most informed decision about your vehicle.

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Some Of Our Services

Corporate and Fleet Accounts - Craftsman Auto Care

Corporate and Fleet Accounts

Whether you've got a whole "parking lot" of cars or a small fleet, we offer discounts and packages tailored to your specific needs. Our passion is keeping vehicles on the road, so rely on us to keep you rolling! Financing available to qualified customers



Motorsports - Craftsman Auto Care

For our customers who enjoy High Performance Driver’s Education, we’ve got you covered! As car enthusiasts, we love working with you to fine-tune your performance or street car. We have experience with all makes and models, including Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota and Subaru.

  • High performance event prep
  • Car club member discounts
  • Suspensions, brakes, upgrades and tuning

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Other services for Your Convenience!

We pride ourselves in our comfy & clean showroom and invite you to come relax while your car is being serviced. Or, if you’d prefer, we can make rental car arrangements for you or give you a ride. During your visit, you’ll also enjoy our other amenities:

  • Our family and pet friendly showroom with free Wifi, beverages and snacks
  • A Certified AskPatty Female-friendly company where you will enjoy a comfortable and informative visit.
  • Communication via text, e-mail or phone, whatever is convenient for you
  • Digital inspections that provide photos to document and share what our technicians recommend
  • Appointment and service reminders
  • Convenient night drop online form that you can fill out before dropping off your vehicle during off hours.
  • Financing available to qualified customers
  • Towing service available from our partner.