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Craftsman's Got Your Back with our 5% EVERYDAY Military Discount

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Put your Auto Care needs in Our Camp to keep
your Family Safely on the road.

Craftsman Auto Care eliminates the hassle and worry of maintaining your vehicle, letting you focus on your mission. We cover every aspect of auto care and convenience with exclusive benefits for military service members including:

  • 5% discount on all our services
  • Courtesy rides to your work or home

Home of the area's only 36-month/36,000 mile local and nationwide warranty, Craftsman Auto Care provides:

  • Expert advice to prioritize your auto repair and service needs based on safety and your budget
  • Service reminders and appointment scheduling done your way
  • Courtesy rides, rental cars, and towing
  • A clean, comfortable, safe showroom that is Ask Patty Certified Female-Friendly
  • Secure after-hours drop off and pick up
  • Pre-purchase vehicle inspections
  • Exclusive Hybrid and Electric Vehicle service and repair

Craftsman Measures Up on Every Front

Your job is stressful, so you need an auto care shop you can trust that meets or exceeds all the industry standards. Only Craftsman Auto Care's efficient, no hassle operation delivers:

  • 100% ASE Certified Technicians
  • Industry-Leading Warranties
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment & DiagnosticTools
  • Complimentary Car Inspections
  • Repair Options Based on Your Driving Habits & Budget
  • Show-'n-Tell Digital Photos That Document What Our Technicians See
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Going Above & Beyond for
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There's no limit to what we'll do to help with all your vehicle service concerns. Call or email whenever you have a question or issue, and watch us spring into action with our "Say Yes" culture that delivers the results you deserve – the right way, every time.


New to the area?

Whether you’re here on a temporary duty assignment or a permanent change of station, trust us to do what's right for your car. The DMV (District, MD, & VA) has some pretty unique car care considerations that you need to know.

Virginia State Safety Inspection

Virginia State Safety Inspection

Virginia is serious about ensuring auto safety, and they require a windshield decal to prove it. This is an annual inspection, due at the end of the expiration month, that we are qualified to provide on a first-come, first-served basis.

Annual Brake Inspections

Annual Brake Inspections

Our stop-and-go traffic makes national news headlines, so you have to know your brakes work optimally at all times.

AC and Heating System Maintenance

AC and Heating
System Maintenance

The DMV is considered a Severe Service Area; extreme temps can wreak havoc on AC systems, batteries and cooling systems. Make sure these are checked regularly and especially when the temps have had a recent fluctuation.

Read more here
Tire Safety and Performance

Tire Safety and

Our roads are notorious for humongous potholes in the spring, ice and slush in the winter, and construction all the time. That means to stay safe, you must start with the best tires in your budget, and they have to be regularly maintained and inspected.

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Fluid Top-Offs & Oil and Filter Changes

Fluid Top-Offs & Oil
and Filter Changes

They throw some wicked chemicals down on our roads, so you'll go through a lot of fluids to keep your car running, from windshield cleaner, to oil, brake and other system fluids, you'll want to keep everything topped off and functioning properly.