Northern VA Auto Repair


Prep Your Car for Spring

Spring is the time for reviving your vehicle after the cold months! Follow these 6 steps to prep your vehicle for the new season.

S: Survey your Brakes. Snow, slush, and salt can take a toll on your braking system. Test your brakes for any squeaking or grinding noises, and stop on by for a thorough inspection.

P: Peak at your Tires. Check for worn treads and replace if needed to ensure your car can handle wet streets. Make sure the tire pressure is regulated after the cold months and that your tires are aligned correctly to combat those potholes. Get $25 OFF an Alignment to make sure the potholes don't get the best of your car!

R: Replace Wipers and Fluids. Make sure you'll be able to see through the upcoming spring rains with wipers that don't streak and give you the best visibility. During our FREE Spring Inspection, we will check and top-off your wiper and other fluids.

I: Inspect your Battery. It is a good idea to have your battery cleaned of any dirt or corrosion that can occur during the winter. Let Craftsman test your battery and make sure your car is road ready.

N: New Oil. Winter can be hard on engines, and the oil and filer can become dirty. Schedule your oil change today to enhance your overall performance.

G: Gleam and Shimmer! Give your vehicle a good spring cleaning, washing the outside and underneath, remove all trash and unneeded items, and vacuum the interior. 

Follow this S.P.R.I.N.G. guideline to prep your car for the showers and flowers!