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October is Fall Car Care Month!

The Car Care Council designates the month of October as Fall Car Care Month, calling awareness to the importance of regularly scheduled preventative maintenance. With the seasons changing, this is an important time of year to stay ahead of the game and make sure your car is in top shape for fall and winter. Below are a few maintenance items to address this fall:

1. Antifreeze/Coolant. It is a good rule of thumb to get your antifreeze/coolant flushed before winter. Make an appointment for a BG Cooling System Service that will clean and replenish the entire system. This service cleans out debris, removes rust and sludge, and replenishes depleted coolant additives. You'll immediately notice better cooling system function, longer coolant life, and overall increased vehicle performance. 

2. Windshield Wipers. If you wiper blades are old and worn, be sure to have them replaced and adjusted. Make sure your washer fluid is topped-off too!

3. Fluids. Check all of your fluids, including engine oil, power steering, brake, and transmission fluid along with your antifreeze/coolant and windshield washer fluid. 

4. Tires. Inspect your tire pressure and if the tread is worn in any areas. Be sure to replace any tires that are at the end of their life and have them rotated and balanced. This fall, receive $20 OFF Any Tire with our Spooky Savings!

5. Alignment. If your car is pulling to the left or right, this could be an indication that you need an alignment. When the roads are slippery, a poor alignment and increased steering adjustments can lead to skidding. Get $20 OFF your next alignment TODAY with our Spooky Savings!

6. Battery. A faulty car battery can be common in winter temperatures. Make sure your battery is in top shape to ensure your vehicle continues to run properly. If you have an older battery, have Craftsman check it out!

7. Brakes. Your brakes are very important in wet, cold weather, so make sure they are up to the task. With every visit, we will inspect the brake linings, rotors, and drums to make sure you can stop on a dime in any weather!

8. Hoses and Belts. The summer heat can take a toll on your belts. Be sure that they are not cracked, brittle, loose, or showing signs of any excessive wear.

This fall, be proactive when it comes to your car care! Let Craftsman's auto repair experts make sure your car is in top shape for the coming seasons! Make your appointment TODAY for a FREE Fall Digital Health Inspection!