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Five Surprising Things Your Car Does in the Summer

Ever wonder how rising summer temperatures may be impacting your vehicle's performance? Here are five eye-opening things you may find your car doing in the summer and why:

1. Vehicle Dripping Water / Liquid. Many people are alarmed to see pools of water when parked or dripping from your car when on the move. No need to fret, this is simply your AC system at work. The fluid is condensed water that drips from the evaporator and is designed to be released this way. Your AC system cools and the dehumidified water has to go somewhere! Noticing liquid of a different color? Swing by Craftsman Auto Care and we will do a full digital inspection to check your fluids!

2. Smoke from the Air Vents. While white 'smoke' coming from your air vents can be alarming, it is nothing to worry about unless it has a strong and unpleasant smell. The 'smoke' is most likely water vapor from the humid air. When air passes through the AC system quickly, it doesn't have time to form into water droplets, so instead carries straight through the system causing the 'smoke.' Keep your AC running to solve the problem!

3. Loud Noises from the Engine Bay. In slow traffic, you may hear a roaring noise coming from the engine bay. While this comes and goes, it will stop when you start moving again. This noise is the engine cooling fan cutting in and out. To save fuel, the fan will only kick in when the engine water temperature rises too high. Once you get moving, the flow of air through the radiator grille will curb this issue. 

4. Irregular Tire Pressure. Many drivers check their tire pressure during the cold winter months, but your tire pressure can be affected by any changes in temperature. As the temperature increases, so does your tire pressure. Be sure to check the pressure of all four tires before your next summer getaway!

5. Car Becoming Slower. Some might notice their car feels more lethargic in the summer months. The hot summer air is less dense than in cooler months, which impacts overall performance. In many cases, this problem simply stems from a lack of routine maintenance. For instance, a dirty air filter will cause your vehicle to feel sluggish and underpowered. The engine needs a steady supply of fresh oxygen to develop full output. 

If you have any worries this summer, make an appointment with Craftsman Auto Care for a FREE Summer Inspection. This thorough evaluation of your vehicle will check the battery, fludis, brakes, tires, filters, and lights to make sure your car is in tip-top shape.