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Certified Female Friendly: So What Does That Actually Mean?

Hey gals, this one's for you!

Whether you're an auto enthusiast who can tell a Ford from a Chevy just by the sound of their engines or if just the idea of bringing your car in for service leaves you in a cold sweat, we've got you covered.

All of us at Craftsman Auto pledge to make your car service experience comfortable and informative. Thanks to education and training from, our team of technicians & managers are sensitive to the needs of every customer who comes through our doors. But especially our female consumers.

Being certified female-friendly means that we are committed to educating ourselves on how to communicate effectively to each and every customer. Our Managers have successfully completed the comprehensive AskPatty online video training and the associated certification tests. This training focuses on analyzing the powerful impact female consumers are having on this industry and how their decision making, communication styles and educational opportunities affect the repair experience. We have embraced this opportunity to offer not only our female clients, but to all of our customers the best repair experience this industry can offer.

AskPatty Female-Friendly Certification comes with the following promises:

  • An automotive retail experience based on relationships, trust, and respect
  • A commitment to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction
  • An environment that is safe and comfortable
  • Clear, open communication
  • Honest and informative advice to keep your car at its best

Why This Matters

Research shows that the auto industry is notorious for a lack of sensitivity to women's issues and concerns. The bottom line is that women want to be treated with respect and honesty, but in an environment traditionally dominated by men, that can be challenging.

We know today females represent the majority of the buying population and are savvy consumers and decision makers. That's why Craftsman reached out to to become Certified Female Friendly. The certification process is extensive and ongoing and has really helped us become better service providers. We hope this shows in everything we do, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions as we strive to continually improve the auto care experience.

Put Us to the Test

The next time your car needs service, come in to Craftsman, and put our skills to the test. Feel free to challenge us on what we've learned as a female-friendly shop, and let us wow you. You won't be disappointed!