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Auto Lovers Gift List 2.0

Last holiday season, we gave you the Auto Lovers Gift List to help you find a special gift for the car lover in your life.  Now, we’re bringing it back with the Auto Lovers Gift List 2.0 – because the list is never ending when it comes to auto-related gifts.


Ahh the power of RainX Glass Repellent. Who knew that wiper blades aren’t  the only way to have a clear view of the road while driving in the rain. Don’t endure the squek to see – just get some of this on your windshield and walla! Watch those rain drops fly right out of your way.

Playseat Evolution Pro Edition

Now you don’t have to hit Dave & Busters to beat the high score on your favorite racing game. The Playseat Evolution works with your PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, and can be set up to your liking right in your living in your comfiest PJ’s.

Front and Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

We all know that person that for the life of them, can’t seem to nail down backing up in a car. If you know that person (*cough* our marketing manager *cough*), then a Front and Rear View Mirror Dash Cam might be an extremely useful gift for them. Touch screen, Night Vision, G-Sensor.. This gift is sure to be a driver’s best friend.

Hot Wheels Colosal Crash Track Set

It’s new, it’s hot, and it’s over 5 feet wide! Keep the little ones occupied for hours with this track that was made for those crazy high speed crashes you only see on TV. When it’s time for clean up, just fold it on up and you’re ready to go.

Bench Car Seat Cover Protector

Don’t we all just love road tripping with our furry friends? Though, we could definitely do without all the leftover fur stuck to our seats. Protect your seats from your dogs (or kids) leave behinds with a Bench Car Seat Cover Protector. Just two clips around the backseat headrests and you're good to go.

Milk Chocolate Cars

Our master-tech Mike absolutely LOVES chocolate. He also loves cars. What a better gift for a car lover with a sweet tooth then chocolate that looks like a car?? We’ll wait right here.

carAIDE Multi-Tool

Emergency tool, jump starter, power bank, and more. The carAIDE Multi-Tool truly is the handy dandy asset that any car would be happy to have.  Slip-resistant, shock resistant, water and dirt resistant and easily storable – there is no excuse NOT to have this life-saving tool in your car.

Back Seat Organizer w/ Foldable Table Tray

Does the back seat of your car usually have a whole lot going on between the kids and the accessories that accompany them? Help make it a tad bit tidier with a Back-Seat Organizer. Equipped with a kick mat, foldable table tray for those happy meals, a tablet holder, tissue box and multiple pockets. It’s a gift that your loved one never knew they needed.

Craftsman Auto Care Gift Card

Just a little blatant self-promotion on our end. Know someone in need of some new tires? How about some brakes? An oil change? Well lucky for you, a Craftsman Auto Care gift card can cover all of the above – and at a discounted rate! Let us help you get that vehicle back in tip top shape.


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