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Wheel Alignment in Northern VA

Craftsman Auto Care is always excited to share our expert knowledge to deliver the best alignment in the industry.  In fact, many shops send their business our way because they know that no one else can do it better! 

An alignment is recommended to ensure your tires are properly adjusted to your suspension to give you a smooth ride and promote even tire wear that prolongs the life of your tires.  Keeping your tires in alignment helps avoid excessive wear and tear, and it can save you money on gas. Maintaining proper tire alignment is also vital for safety on the road to ensure stable drivability and proper control and handling. 

Wheel Alignment in Northern VA | Craftsman Auto Care

Some easy ways to determine if your tires are out of alignment are:

  • If your car veers to one side or the other.
  • If your steering wheel isn't centered when you drive straight.
  • If your steering wheel vibrates.

If you notice any of these issues, our expert technicians at Craftsman Auto Care are here to help. They can ensure the proper alignment of your tires as recommended by the manufacturer and give you peace of mind when you return to the road.  Most vehicles will need an alignment every year but is determined by your driving conditions and habits.  It’s important to get an alignment check with every visit. YES, you receive a FREE alignment check with every visit at Craftsman Auto Care!

We’ve invested in state-of-the art HUNTER alignment racks and training for our technicians.  They are up to date with all the latest tech tips and trends to ensure this knowledge is leveraged on every single alignment to deliver the most accurate and precise alignment service.  With the advancement of all the driving-assisted monitors that are now an integral part of every newer vehicle, Craftsman Auto Care has the knowledge to accurately re-set and properly align these monitors and sensors as mandated by Safety Laws.  YES! We can do that!

As always, with every tire purchase, enjoy FREE tire alignment checks and FREE tire rotation for the life of the tire at any of our Craftsman Auto Care locations in Alexandria, Fairfax, Chantilly, Merrifield, McLean and Sterling & Cascades, Virginia!

Complimentary Vehicle Health Inspection With Any Service or Repair

Over 50 Items are inspected and a report is sent directly to you to help make the most informed decision about your vehicle.