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The vehicle dashboard check engine warning lights are your car’s way of sharing vital information about the performance of your vehicles systems.

Northern VA Vehicle Diagnostics | Craftsman Auto Care

  • If one of the vehicle warning lights burns amber and stays on after you’ve started the engine, it’s time to bring your vehicle in to run some vehicle diagnostics.  Sometimes, the warning is just alerting you about a car system sensor that needs to be replaced or a loose wire.  To be positive, make sure it’s inspected by a vehicle diagnostic expert as soon as possible. 
  • Any red flashing lights often indicate a catastrophic failure, and this is when it’s advised to immediate stop the engine and have your vehicle towed to one of Craftsman Auto Care’s locations for a full vehicle digital health inspection.

Craftsman Auto care has invested in the latest, state-of-the-art vehicle diagnostic tools along with current software updates to ensure we have the latest, most current information about your onboard computers, systems, and codes.

Our ASE Certified automotive technicians have access to the industry’s most reliable and advanced tech specs and diagnostic code analytics at their disposal to decipher the pulled codes quickly and accurately from your vehicle.  We understand that having all the latest, slickest tools is only half of the work when properly diagnosing these codes and having the experts on our teams at each location including Alexandria, Fairfax, Chantilly, Merrifield, McLean and Sterling & Cascades, is the only assurance that the codes will be properly diagnosed correctly and accurately, and your vehicle will be quickly repaired.

Complimentary Vehicle Health Inspection With Any Service or Repair

Over 50 Items are inspected and a report is sent directly to you to help make the most informed decision about your vehicle.