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Northern VA Belts & Hoses Replacement

Most vehicle belts and hoses will last about 50K- 60K miles. Every visit to the shop, should include an inspection for wear and tear for all your belts and hoses. Our technicians in our Virginia shops including Alexandria, Fairfax, Chantilly, Merrifield, McLean, Sterling/Cascades will thoroughly inspect:

Northern VA Belts & Hoses Replacement | Craftsman Auto Care

  • Serpentine belt or drive belt
  • Timing belt
  • Upper and lower radiator hoses
  • Heater hoses
  • Hose clamps

The Serpentine belt is a long continuous belt that runs throughout your engine to provide power to the major engine systems and requires the proper tension to allow your vehicle to run. Your alternator, air conditioning and power steering pump rely on this belt. An inspection checks for tension, stripping or any cracking. Hearing a screeching or squeaking sound will alert you to get an immediate inspection and replacement.

The timing belt synchronizes the opening and closing of the engine valves and moves the crankshaft. Your engine can’t run without it and could cause damage to valves and pistons if not properly maintained.

The hoses in your vehicle help move fluid through the engine and are vital for cooling and heating. They not only keep the engine cool but provide inside cabin heat during winter. These hoses and their clamps need to be inspected regularly for signs of deterioration that include a mushy feel (vs. spongy), crackling sounds or bulges.

Complimentary Vehicle Health Inspection With Any Service or Repair

Over 50 Items are inspected and a report is sent directly to you to help make the most informed decision about your vehicle.