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Northern VA Auto AC and Heating Service

If you notice that your vehicle’s AC is blowing warm air, it may be time for an AC service, especially if it’s been 1- 2 years since the last service.

When you come in for a vehicle AC or heating service at Craftsman Auto Care, your vehicle will be serviced with our new, state-of-the-art Robinair machine that brings you leading-technology efficiency and more accurate service. This high-quality recover & recharging machine lengthens the interval between AC services and results in a cost savings for our customers!

Northern VA Auto AC and Heating Service | Craftsman Auto Care

Vehicle AC System testing:

  • AC Performance Test. Testing is important to check the levels of your car’s refrigerant and the gases in your system. It’s a simple diagnostic whereby your vehicle is hooked up to our specialty AC equipment and can be done in under an hour, usually at a cost less than $100.
  • Dye Test. Using a black light, the technician does a visual scan of the system looking for leaks. Since the AC contains a special dye, leaks can sometimes be instantly detected, and faulty hoses or fittings adjusted to alleviate them.

AC services available at Craftsman Auto Care:

  • AC Evacuation & Recharge service
  • Evaporator replacement
  • Compressor repair
  • Condenser cleaning/flush

BG Climate Control service:

If your vehicle’s system has harmful, musty odors, a BG Evaporator Service is recommended.  Special foam is used to kill mold, mildew and it sanitizes the air ducts and evaporator unit. This is included in the vehicle AC service:

  • Inspects A/C for leaks and wear
  • Cleans evaporator to restore cooling process
  • Checks system pressures

Common Warning Signs That Your Vehicles AC System Needs Servicing:

  • Blowing Hot Air or Not Blowing Cold Air. This is the most common sign that maintenance is required. Inspection and testing of the system will determine the cause, which can often be as simple as low refrigerant level or a leak.
  • No Air or Low Performance. If the fan doesn’t even come on, you may be out of refrigerant. Most systems will automatically shut down when this happens to protect the compressor. Other causes could include an obstruction in the condenser or a fault in the blower unit.
  • Weird Noises. If you hear clanking when you turn on your AC, it is probably caused by a blockage or obstruction but could also indicate that parts of the system are worn out or faulty and in need of replacement parts.
  • Stinky Air. This could simply require a new cabin air filter, but if a drain is clogged, causing mold to accumulate on the evaporator, you will need a BG Evaporator service that uses a special foam to kill mold and mildew. It sanitizes the air ducts and evaporator unit and will usually cost around $200.
  • Knocking or Rumbling Noises. Loose mounting hardware around the area of the compressor could cause these types of noises. Tightening all connectors may be a simple fix to the problem.
  • Puddle of Water Under Your Vehicle. It is perfectly normal for the condensation from your AC unit to drain out of your vehicle and puddle under your car. However, if you see water stains inside, that’s an indication of a clog that needs immediate attention.

Your AC System can be serviced with the new Robinair equipment at any of Craftsman Auto Care's locations in Alexandria, Fairfax, Merrifield, Chantilly, McLean and Sterling/Cascades. Call (833)-CRAFTS1 or schedule an appointment online now!

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