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Who Is Motul?

Who Is Motul?

If you don’t know much about cars and engine oils, think of Motul as the company that provides the right nutrition for your vehicle. A car needs the right blend of oil to protect the engines and maintain its high performance, similar to how people need the right mix of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. While you can’t just ingest random supplements to stay fit, the same is true for your car. You need the right motor oil in your vehicle for it to stay in tip-top shape. Engine oil is much more than just a liquid you pour into your car every 10,000 miles, and Motul Oil is the only brand that understands this.

Motul is universally recognized for more than 160 years for the quality of its products, capacity for innovation, and its involvement in competitive motorsports. From Pennsylvania’s first oil rig to the brand’s latest laboratory, the unfolding desire for improvement fuels the company day-by-day to deliver innovative solutions. Motul is truly acknowledged as the specialist in synthetic lubricants - staking its claim in 1971 with the original 100% synthetic lubricant made from esters of vegetal origin and drawing on aviation technologies. Due to their commitment, Motul is now the only choice of many of the most renowned workshops in over 165 countries. There is no better way to prolong the life of an engine than to use their quality lubrication!

What Does Motul Do?

The year of 1966 was a hallmark in Motul’s pursuit of invention with the creation of Century 2100, their inaugural semi-synthetic oil. This was hailed by the whole automotive sphere as the industry’s next catalyst to high performance. Inspired by Motul’s 300 victories in auto racing competitions, the 300V product was born in 1971. This line became the very first synthetic oil on the worldwide market. Both successful auto racing and powerful partnerships with other industry leaders helped to establish Motul as the global motorsport reference it is today.

The passion and excitement of the racetrack also served as the ultimate testing ground for their most stringent requirements. This 300V expertise continuously inspires every formula of Motul products. Each molecule is considered and developed with the same spirit of bringing to our skilled technicians a specific solution for every purpose.

Why Do We Feature Motul?

We feature Motul in our select shops because it aligns with our values of passion, innovation and devotion to being the best! Passion is what unites engineering enthusiasts with their machinery, being the driving force for innovation. We share the same dedication to always committing to excellence with the aim of delivering the highest level of products and services to every customer. The ingenuity connection established between Motul, Craftsman and our community is the key to achieving the unachievable, pushing beyond common criteria, and to building long-lasting relationships and efficiency.

Motul oils are the best fit for keeping your engine in perfect working condition, even if you push your car to its limits. Proper engine lubrication is vital for both power and temperature management as nothing kills performance like excessive heat. Each Motul lubricant is created to provide the most efficient and protective environment, to avoid needing more additives to improve results.

Despite continually researching and developing racing oils and lubricants, a great part of Motul’s everyday operations is focused on the consumer market and passenger cars. Motul has had a lot of success in designing oils that improve overall longevity and performance of engines. It is no surprise that Motul is the recommended engine oil for a wide range of vehicle brands.

Product Features

Craftsman Auto Care will be providing Motul products for your passenger car. Using the racetrack as a living laboratory, the Motul Research and Development Department transfers the knowledge and the technology earned from motorsport to design lubricants and products suitable for all applications.

Motul offers a more targeted approach with their specific lineup of engine oils. Specific ranges of motor oils that have been specially formulated for your car’s engine covers Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, and more! The Motul 6100 SYN-nergy is ideal for your needs if looking for a superior synthetic oil. The new and improved formula has been approved by eight different car manufacturers, and can be used in most Japanese and European models. It aims to deliver more fuel economy gains thanks to its thin, low-viscosity formula. Petrol-electric hybrids and plug-in hybrids have unique needs and Motul addresses these with its Hybrid engine oils. Unlike regular cars whose engines are constantly running, the internal combustion engine in a hybrid car starts and stops more frequently to let the electric motor take over. This constant restarting can cause added wear if your engine doesn’t have the right protection.

Product Spotlight

If you think you are buying approved oil for pre-2019 gasoline powered cars, chances are you are using an obsolete product that lost its approval months ago! Motul has developed a next generation product dubbed “GEN2” of X-cess 5W40 that is APPROVED for the recertification of BMW LL-01, while also keeping the product to retain the same approvals from VW/Audi, Porsche and Mercedes with additional performance enhancements.

What Happened?

Over the last few years, new engine technology has become available and we have seen many automotive manufacturers shift to displacement engines with forced induction equipment to achieve higher horsepower and greater efficiency.

During the development of the latest generation of BMW engines, existing approved oils were found to be underperforming in oxidation stability, deposit control, and longer oil life. Motul invested heavily to retain all OEM approvals in order to be the leader in OEM approved products and quality.

The Answer:

The 8100 X-cess GEN2 5W40 was developed to both meet this need and to spearhead the charge into the modern world of higher performing, longer lasting oil. In addition, this new product still retains the same approvals as the first-generation product but offers even higher performance.

Features and Benefits:

This 100% synthetic engine lubricant provides various benefits for you and your vehicle. There is increased oil performance in high horsepower applicants, turbocharged cleanliness and protection, and shear stability. The viscosity stability under extreme temperatures has been improved, with enhanced piston deposit control and oxidation stability. There is a more consistent oil performance over drain interval and overall longer oil life.


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