Northern VA Auto Repair


Traits of Successful Technicians

With our Craftsman Auto Care location opening in just weeks now, we are looking for highly trained, motivated professionals to join our team! Our "Say Yes" mentality creates a dynamic, supportive work environment where we pull together to deliver the best services to our customers while encouraging each other to learn and grow. If you are interested in an automotive career, read below the traits that our experienced technicians each have that lead to their success in the bays. 

1. Perseverance

Every technicians is bound to encounter some issues that might not be able to be solved on the first go-around. This is where our "Say Yes" culture comes into play - always sticking to it until finding a solution. We rely on our whole team of experts to solve even the toughest symptoms. Over our many shop locations in Northern Virginia, we have assembled an incredible team of experts that can solve any issue. In fact, many other shops sent some of their tougher jobs to us for more comprehensive diagnostics and alignment issues. 

2. Hardworking

Being a technicians is not an easy job. Highly effective technicians understand the work that goes into returning a customer's car to tip top shape. It is important to come into work every day ready to put your best effort forward and be dedicated to solve every problem that comes into your bay. 

3. Adaptability 

There is little predictability in the cars, problems, and solutions a technicians might see day-to-day. You must be able to adapt to the constant changes and potential surprises you could find. Look at all issues from different angles in order to diagnose and repair to the best of your ability, and be willing and able to rely on our comprehensive team of experts not only at one location, but all locations. 

4. Genuine

At a family-owned business, it is a priority that we treat customers as if they are a part of our family as well. It is our mission to be upfront and honest with customers about their vehicle and the services that we provide. This trait begins with our Digital Inspection that every employee must be accountable for delivering to each customer at each visit. This aids our team in building trust and transparency as the customer sees exactly what we do when looking at their car! Creating this bond with each customer is a pillar to our success, and what makes great technicians stand out. 

5. Attention to Detail

From an easy fix to a more complex issue, it is important to perform all services with exact detail, and to be consistent with every visit to perform a complete Digital Inspection and deliver the best customer service. Customers depend on us to keep themselves, their families, and their vehicles safe on the road. 

6. Curiosity

You should always have the desire to learn and grow! This mindset will give you an advantage in the automobile industry that is always evolving with new makes, models and technology. We provide constant training from master technicians and professionals from our vendors, including BG, Motul, Technet, etc. so our teams can stay up-to-date on all techniques and trends. We are passionate about investing in our employees and their passions - giving us a leg up in the industry.