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How Vehicle Maintenance Changes as a Parent

Parenthood… I remember the warnings of sleepless nights in my future, but nothing about my lack of time. So, how does your vehicle maintenance change as a new parent? It doesn’t. And just because there seems to be no time for it, doesn’t mean it should all go out the window.

Do you know what happens when you put off something as simple as an oil change?

Well for starters, if you go long enough without changing your oil, it could eventually cost you your car. Oil is essentially your vehicle’s blood! It lubricates and protects thousands of engine components working together to keep your car running efficiently. The moving oil also helps to draw heat away from engine to keep it from overheating and parts from warping. Basically, your car will start to have all sorts of costly issues if you choose to forgo that oil service. Safe to say it’s best to just get your oil changed and avoid the easily avoidable issues.

Here are a few ways Craftsman makes it easy for you!

1) Free shuttle services to and from your home/work while we work on your vehicle

2) Concierge vehicle pick-up & drop-off services where one of our team members shuttle your car to and from your home so you never have to leave!

3) Comfortable, clean, kid friendly showrooms accompanied with a coffee refuel station for a your mid-day pick me up.

4) A BONUS $10 off your next oil service for taking the time you DO have to read this blog post with code: BABY10 (because we could always use a few extra $$ for those diaper runs)

We’re sorry we couldn’t tell you that becoming a parent means your vehicle starts to take care of itself.. but we promise to try and make it as easy as possible for you!


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