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Get The Most Out Of Your AC

As the weather warms up, read the tips below on how to get the most cool from your car's air conditioning!

1. Don't Pre-Cool. Your air conditioning works best when you are driving the car. The faster the engine turns, the faster the AC compressor runs, letting the system cool more effectively. It is best to turn your air conditioner on and open all windows for about 10-20 seconds when you start driving. While you might think this is counter-productive and that you're wasting the cool air, this actually helps the interior cool the fastest. Save your time and gas and don't pre-cool before going!

2. Get Low. Setting the AC to the lowest temperature and then adjusting from there is more efficient, will dry out the air less, and can save some fuel. In the typical AC system, the air is cooled to around 38 degrees. When the temperature is set higher, the system must reheat the cooled air, using more effort and fuel.

3. Save Fuel. Driving with the AC on is often more fuel-efficient than having the windows down, especially at higher speeds, due to reduced aerodynamic drag. Using the AC provides better comfort, consistent cabin temperature, and improved air quality, while also reducing interior noise and wear. Modern AC systems are designed to minimize fuel efficiency and comfort.

4. Turn Off Stop/Start. While this feature can save fuel, for many cars if can keep the AC compressor from running when it shuts off the engine. In hot weather, you might notice the lack of cool air quickly, especially at a red light or in slow-moving traffic.

5. Make Sure your Filter is Clean. Swing by Craftsman to make sure your filters are clean. A clean filter will provide optimal airflow, along with pollution and allergen reduction.

Stay cool and happy driving!