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Auto Lovers Gift List 2020

It’s that time of year again - Check out a list of some of our favorite gifts that’ll get our car fanatic’s hearts racing!

The CupCase

The CupCase – A multi-functional car storage organizer to keep you in check! With the CupCase, you’ll finally have that designated space to hold your loose change, phone, car accessories and all (that’s right, not just one) of your drinks. If a 2021 goal is to stay more organized – this may be just the gift. 

Car Vacuum

Car Vacuum< – We’re all guilty of letting our chip crumbs linger all over our car seats and floor. A car vacuum will save time and money now that you can ditch that extra trip to the  gas station’s vacuum pump. Hit all the angles and get into those hard to reach places with 16.4 feet of cord and extension pipes.

Amazon Echo Auto

Echo Auto– Do you miss Alexa the moment you leave your house? Now you can bring her along in your car! Connecting through the Alexa app on your phone, you just need an aux cord or Bluetooth connection and she’s ready to hit the road with you. Ask her to play your favorite songs, check the news, make calls, add to your to-do list so you don’t forget any jotting car thoughts and more..

Personalized 9-in-1 Auto Emergency Tool

tool – Personal AND practical! A gift that truly shows you care about them and their safety. Includes a digital tire gauge, red LED light, flashlight, seat belt cutter, glass breaker, Philips & flathead screwdrivers, scissors, and pliers. They’ll always be prepared for vehicle mishap!

Smithsonian Motor-Works

Smithsonian Motor-Works – Do you have yourself the next Craftsman Auto Care star technician in the making? Because it’s never too early to learn the inner workings of an car! Get ready for some bonding time as you work together to build a working model of a 4-cylinder engine with this set.

Tea Gift Box from GMU’s Campus Food & Beverage Network

Tea Gift Box – What better way to warm up in a freezing car than with high-quality tea, packed with local crystallized honey! With the purchase of this tasty tea, you’re helping our local GMU students gain entrepreneurial skills while they donate 20% of all revenue towards combatting food insecurity on campus. Use code: “CFBNHOLIDAYS” to get 25% OFF your order through December 11th.

HPDE Driving Experience w/ A Local Car Club

HPDE Driving Experience w/ A Local Car Club – Gift your car lover the experience of learning what it means to me on a racetrack at an High-Performance Drivers Education (HPDE) with one of the local car clubs! Open to all skill levels, this is the perfect place to learn how to better control your vehicle on a racetrack. What can you expect from an HPDE? Check out our Track 101: Where to Begin blog post. 

Here’s a sample of some of the car clubs that Craftsman Auto Care is involved with.  We encourage anyone who is interested in driving skills to join one of these very active and awesome local clubs:

Craftsman Auto Care Gift Certificate (20% OFF!)

Gift Certificate – We’ll end this list with a little promotion on our end.. If you know someone who’s car could use a little TLC, the gift of some Craftsman auto-repair service’s may just be the thing they need! Available for purchase in any of our 5 locations or online. We’re here to take care of your vehicle’s health!