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  • Winter Maintenance Tips

    blog post

    Kick the tires: Have your tires rotated and inspected. The last thing you need in cold, wet weather is to be driving on bald tires or tires with low air pressure. You’ll need all the traction that is possible and both of these issues will significantly impair your tire’s response.  Double check the tire pressure against the manufacturer's specifications found on the driver’s door jam or post when the tires are nice and cold and add air if n... read more

    Wednesday 03 January 2018
  • The Answers to all your Tire Questions!

    blog post

    How often should I get my tires rotated? As a general rule, you should get your tires rotated when you get an oil service performed.  (about every 6-8k miles or every 6-12 months) Changing the location of the tires on your vehicle allow them to wear evenly and will give them a longer life. What is a tire “balance”? During tire installation services, tires are fitted to wheels and then are measured on a balancing machine and correction weights... read more

    Friday 01 December 2017
  • How to Change a Flat Tire

    blog post

    When your vehicle gets a flat tire while you are driving, remain calm and follow these instructions: Don’t panic! You don’t have to stop your vehicle immediately.  The most important thing to do is to keep the car under your control by slowing down, and then pull over to the side of the road away from traffic to a safe spot. For female drivers who are alone – be very vigilant about your surroundings and watchful for thugs who cause accidents to get their victims to pull... read more

    Tuesday 07 November 2017
  • Car Emergency Kit Checklist

    blog post

    This kit is intended to aid you in getting help, signaling your car’s presence to other motorists, and tackling simple challenges. Even if you have roadside assistance coverage or an automobile club membership with roadside assistance, you usually need access to a phone in order to contact them, and you may have to wait on the side of the road for an hour or more before help arrives. That’s why we recommend that drivers carry certain items in their vehicle, even if it only gets use... read more

    Thursday 31 August 2017
  • What you really need to know to stay cool on the road

    blog post

    The AC system in your vehicle is similar to the one in your home, but it’s wedged into an area that runs to temperatures above 250 degrees and is regularly exposed to rattling and rolling everywhere your vehicle goes! Over time, these factors cause the system to leak refrigerant and lose the ability to remove heat and produce and circulate cold air. Because it’s a pressurized, sealed system, proper maintenance requires a skilled technician with the right equipment. Don’t end u... read more

    Friday 30 June 2017